Most of us have had a few ‘Why’ question which we have asked from time to time. My sisters Peggy and Alice said that the worst thing about taking me to the movies when I was very young was that I would pester them asking them about the moves and always the question was ‘why’, I think I still do this, a few nights ago I was flipping channels on the television and hit on a movie with that dreaded music designed to make your hair stand on end playing and this young lady walking into a dark house; ‘Why’ I shouted, I never walk into a room without the light on let alone a house, and if you were playing that music I would not go in even with the light on, not me. But there are far more important “Why’ questions, why was I born in the United States of American and not in some third world country, why were my parents Christians and others are not, why did God let me preach His Word, why did I have so many opportunities that others far more talented have not had, why did I make so many mistakes if I am suppose to be so smart. I still remember a number of years ago when a teenage girl was standing at her father’s grave as she asked me when my father had died and I said ‘he was still living’; she looked at me and said you are old and your father is still living and I am sixteen standing here at my father’s grave.  Good question, but like the others I had no answer. The providence of God cannot be fully understood until someday when we see not through a mirror deformed but stand face to face with our maker. One answer I do know about all the ‘why’ questions and that is that I should make the most of each day, each opportunity, and preach each Sunday like it is my last time.


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