Going Back

He had never met a man like Robert. Robert was real, he treated others with respect, did what he told them he would do and even more. He handled their funds like they were his own and made certain that everything balanced and everyone received their full earnings; without any trickery, extra charge, hidden clauses, and others thing he had seen so many others do. He was impressed. He learned that Robert was a Christian and that belonging to Christ meant something to him so he lived it and followed it in all that he was involved in. Of course he knew a lot of Christian, he had at one time attended church and called himself one; that was more than ten years ago now but it seemed like a hundred. He had changed his name, his identity, so that the person he once was no longer lived. He had no children and his wife had died just a few months before he had left and colored himself in a new picture; but no where was like home, he longed in his heart to see it, to walk by his old house and see all the changes that by this time must have been made. But he couldn’t go back, he had left in the darkness of night, and he had carried with him a lot of money, money that belonged to his employer and others, there was no going back.

He walked in the café to have lunch and out of the corner of his eye he saw his boss and to make his heart fail he saw the man he had once worked for sitting at a table with him. He quickly turned, hoping that they had not seen him, called the secretary and told her he would be with a client all afternoon. He went by his apartment, packed the clothes he would need got his records, computer and memory sticks and drove to a hotel near the airport; checking in he planned to make his escape the next morning, to where, he would decide later. He needed all new papers, identity, and all that would go with it; he checked it was there, he would rest; morning would come, he would leave.

But sleep did not come and for some unknown reason he decide to go back to the office, maybe clean out his desk and computer, then leave. He kept the room; he would be able to get away if he believed anything was coming down. When Robert arrived he seemed as always, happy ready to get to work and ready to have a great day. He never understood what possessed his but he asked Robert if he knew a man named Steve Green. Robert turned and with bright eyes said, certainly I know him, we were room mates in college, been great friends for years, why do you ask. He never understood what made him do it but with draining eyes and trembling hands he told Robert the story of his theft and running away. For the sake of time you will have to read the note that Paul wrote to Philemon for Onesimus, you can find it just before Hebrews in the Bible.


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