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I received a number of comments about my blog on Mom and Dad; someone said they were sure that I had made and error in the price of the house that it must have been $13,750.00 not $1,375.00 not true it was as I said, $1,375.00; remember we purchased it in November of 1941 just about a month before the Second World War started. We bought it from the builder, Mr. and Mrs. Gaither who lived on the corner of Whitehall and Lexington Streets. It had been a duplex; Dad changed it into a lovely home over the years, building a room onto the back, a sun porch on the front, digging a basement under the house with mother worried all the time that the house would fall in; we had a lovely room in the basement, fireplace and display cabinets for my Father’s collection of Indian relics, more than 5,000 pieces. We landscaped the yard, terraced the back, build a large wood working shop and joined the Barbers in building a double garage with the gable of the roof on the property line between our two homes; bricked the house, moved the bathroom three times and the list only gets longer.  I remember Dad saying more than once he paid more for his first car, a used 1948 Dodge than he did for his house.  I never knew where we stood in the social order for everyone on Lindsey lived about the same and I doubt that there was $200 a month difference in any of the incomes. Dad worked for the same company for more than forty years and I grew up loved, corrected, trained to work, I have paid Social Security every year since I was eleven. I never hear my father say anything that I could not repeat from the pulpit, did my parents sometimes quarrel, I am sure they did, but it was always somewhere that I didn’t hear. Mother tried to work for a bit during the war but got hurt on the job and never returned; if I had ever come home from school and found her not there I would have believed that the rapture had come and I was left behind. My failures, flaws, and mistakes were not the fault of my parents or my sisters, they are all mine, and no one else is responsible. If I had been as good a man as my father, I would be a much better person.


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  1. A sweet reminder…where there is love and mutual respect, social order is inconsequential.

    • Thanks, hope all is well with you

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