Mom and Dad

I was very fortunate to be in a wonderful home of Christian parents; my parents both loved the Lord and they set a great example for their children. I remember very few Sundays when we were not in church, same went for Wednesday night and in those days we always had two weeks of VacationBibleSchool, a one week revival and a two week revival each year. We spent a lot of time at Calvary, corner of Lexington and Tomlin in East Jackson. I was the last of four children, my sisters were, 11, 12, and 15 when I came along so in many ways I was an only child. Mom was sick in the early years and Peggy and Alice my two youngest sisters took great care of me; by the time I was five my oldest sister was married and had a family of her own so I was spoiled mostly by Peggy and Alice.

Mom and Dad had a great relationship, dad got paid ever two weeks he would bring his check home, keep $15 and give the rest to mother for all the needs of the home. We gave our tithe to the church, paid the $13.75 per month house payments and lived on the rest. Dad never asked many questions, he just worked at his job, looked for Indian relicts on the week end and made beautiful furniture in his wood shop. I still remember when he retired he was trying to get a grip on just what they had and what they owed so he asked mother how much we owed Sears; we were raised on the catalogue plan. She told him that we owed Sears $15.00 a month, he said, no I was thinking not about the payment but about what we owed them. Mom said well they send me a letter now and then and say Mrs. Raley you can charge another $300 or so and your payment won’t change so I charge the amount and we owe them $15.00 per month. Dad just grinned and went back to his wood shop. He and I bought mother a singer sewing machine for Christmas one year and she knew about it the next day because the bank had never seen dad’s signature before and wanted to know if it was ok to run it through, she said sure sounds like I am going to get a nice gift for Christmas.

246 South Lindsey   Street was a wonderful place to live, Mom and Dad made it a real nest for the rest of us and I got so much joy and love out of the $1,375.00 house that they made into a beautiful home.


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