Where Are You?

Buster kissed his wife and told her that he was going to the store to pick up a couple of things he needed, asked if there was anything she wanted, then closed the front door behind him and drove the car slowly out of the drive; he made a stop at his mother’s house, asked if she needed anything, kissed her on the forehead said ‘I love you mom’, and closed the door behind him. His wife spent the next several years wondering where he had gone and why; in time she gave up hope and picked up the pieces of her life and moved on with her journey of living. His mother never lost hope; she always believed that one day he would return, one day the mystery of all those missing years would be solved. I too believed that he would come home, in fact when his mother died I just knew he would show up; I even waited at the cemetery after others had left, hidden out of the way, believing that he would come and visit the grave. Buster did not return. It was many years later when he was dying of cancer that he returned to live those last times with his oldest brother, all those missing years, all of those possible moments of joy and memory forever gone, he waited too long, he came home too late. I know that my Aunt Oma wept many tears for her son Buster, his mother was my dad’s oldest sister, he was my first cousin. Remember how Jesus looked at Jerusalem and wept; I believe He was thinking of all those people who had wondered from His Father’s will and never came home. Where are you?


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