Are You A Peg Watcher?

Carry each other’s burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

Remember what Jesus said about burdens? Don’t just go the one mile which is required, go a second mile.

Under Roman law a Jewish male was required to carry a Roman soldier’s burden for one mile.  The young boys would count off a mile from their home and drive a peg in the ground.  That way if a soldier came by and required them to take his burden they would do so and all the time they would be looking for the peg so that they could throw down the burden and run back home. They did not intend to go one foot more.

Jesus said for them to forget the pegs, stop walking around with their heads down looking for how little they could do and go even a second mile.  Can you imagine the surprise to the soldier when a young boy would not spend his time looking down but rather talking with him and asking about all the wonderful places he had been as a solider? I wonder how much we miss by spending so much time watching for the pegs, just doing what you have to and no more.  How much better our world would be if all of us would look around and do those neat ‘little’ things that make life nicer for others.  I think I will forget about the pegs, forget about others not doing their part, and do my very best.



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  1. There are many things I like about your stories. I like how fitting they fit into my life and how timely they always appear. I no longer want to to be peg watcher. This has been a week that God has reminded me to go the extra mile. Thank you Ivan for being a light that points to the Father.


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