I Need A Repair Job

That’s right I need a good repair job; I have been sick since a couple of days before Christmas and rather than getting better it seems to be getting worst. Someone said that the real problem I have is the year in which I was born; I should have been born in 57 or 67 something like that, not 37, in fact people look at me twice when they ask for my birthday and I tell them 1937, they try to do the math, most can’t, but they chalk it up as really old, I think that is close enough. I have what I call the ‘crud’ my chest hurts, my head hurts, in fact my whole body hurts and I have this unstoppable  cough that just hits when it likes and does not want to stop; at the Christmas Eve service which Carole and I attended it hit about the time I took a seat, in fact I had to leave, but I did come back; now that I think of it maybe that is why no one in the church spoke to either of us, we had to stand out like first timers, but not one person said, thanks for coming; but that is another subject for another time. I have been to the doctor twice, I have a shoe box full of pills and four jars of Cough medicine, by the way I have a great doctor, and the cough medicine has no sugar and no alcohol in it; I have all of this and an empty wallet, so far I still have a cough and pain, I am light headed, lazy, and just want to sleep; sounds like being pretty normal to me. I have this lady in my church who when you tell her you are sick comes back with a resounding ‘You will get over it.” So far I have but just in case I have a deal with her son-in-law that when I die he is going to put up a big sign in front of my coffin, “Mildred I told you I was sick and I did not get over it.” So you will certainly want to come by if not to see the box I am in, it will be cheap, so that you can see the sign. Well if you have any suggestions for my getting well, I am open; otherwise, I will get over it and write to you again tomorrow. Ivan

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  1. Good morning Ivan. I look forward each day to hearing from you. I am still chuckling from your post last night. I do pray that you will “get over it” this side of Heaven. Thanks for your faithfulness to share each day. please tell Carole hello and let her know we enjoyed her “yearly” state of the family letter.

    • Thanks so much Ivan

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