The Christmas List Came Back No

The Christmas List Came Back No

I remember as a boy taking the Sears and Roebuck Catalogue looking up the toy section and making careful choices of what I wanted to circle, once circle I would turn down the page so that Santa could find it and then move on to one or two more items. Without anything being said I knew that the list of items would have to be limited, that all of the circled items would not be under the tree, but I still circled more than I should. On Christmas there would always be one choice and maybe a smaller one or two, but the circles still enclosed the items and my mind and heart wrote stories of how each one would be used and the fun they would bring.

In those days I had the whole month to wait, never before Christmas morning would I know, but now, now the answer comes on the 19, six days too early, but it comes.  Like a letter sent to the wrong address it is returned, undeliverable. Amy died on Thursday, forty-eight years old, she died. I have not seen her in years, I remember her most as a teenager and younger, but still there was a hole in my heart when I realized this Christmas wish would not come true. I never remember being really upset when the circled items were not under the tree, but this item, this item was so new, so young, so in the prime of some of the best years, Undeliverable.  It is my age of course which makes it sad, but age or not I think it is sad.


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