Then and Now

We start with the now; today our church pays its respect and says goodbye to one of our very faithful members, Dimple Mullins.  Dimple has spent most of this year in a struggle to stay ahead of the problems her body presented her with, this past Saturday she made her journey from here to glory and left the worn out body for her final time. Our church family and those in our community who knew her all loved and respected Ms Dimple. Until this year when the doors were open at our church Dimple and her husband Bob would be there just to the right of the pulpit about four or five rows back. The faithfulness of the two of them, the love which they shared with the Lord and with one another was a warm blessing to our Christian family. While they had been married 63 years there was still a sparkle in their eyes for each other and a tender love that still glowed after all of those years. She will be missed; her presence and love will leave an empty place in all of our hearts.

Then: in this month of December of 1941 our nation was hurled into the Second World War by the ‘undeclared act of war’, as the Empire of Japan invaded the American possessions in the Pacific. By this date, the 10th they had declared themselves masters of the Pacific, today in 1941 they invaded the Philippians, Wake Island and other areas occupied by the American forces. It would be a costly and long three and a half years before the American flag would fly supreme in the Pacific. The price would be heavy and the blood of the American boys would color the ocean, but freedom would return and we would be victorious. On tomorrow in 1941 Germany would make the greatest mistake in history as they declared war on the United States. From that day forward their empire was destined for failure, there dreams and schemes would serve for naught, for American in the hand of God, would lead the free loving forces of this world to victory. There is always a Then and Now, we just don’t pause long enough in our journey to remember and honor.


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