Answered Prayer at Christmas

Answered Prayer at Christmas

As a teenager I sold newspaper in downtown Jackson for some extra Christmas money. At that time we would pay the Jackson Sun 50 cents and they would sell us 20 papers. Then I would stand on the corner of Liberty and Main Street on the side where F.W. Woolworth and Company was located or across the street at the courthouse where the buses left downtown for East and South Jackson. If I sold the twenty papers I had a dollar, so I had doubled my money. I remember standing on that corner in the rain with just a few papers left and praying that someone would stop for the light, hand me a dollar and ask for all of my papers.  Wow, what a joy that would be. Well it never happened, no one  ever gave me a dollar for all of my papers and I never got to leave early, rain or not.

About a week before Christmas in 1968 I was in downtown Memphis needing to make a final stop at the Baptist Book Store for items for our Christmas program.  It was raining and it was cold. As I pulled into a parking spot I saw a young boy with two papers in his hand trying his best to sell them and go home. I remember my prayer so I handed him five dollars and asked for his papers. He said, “Mister, I don’t have no change.” I smiled, almost grinned and said, “I don’t want change, just give me both papers.” He almost shouted, wished me a Merry Christmas and headed for dryer quarters.

Maybe that is the way God would like to answer a lot of our prayers. Try it.


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  1. Love this story Uncle Ivan. Oh the things God places in our hearts because of our own personal struggles 🙂

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