Mad House at Christmas


I have always loved Christmas; the smells, sounds, green trees, colored lights, bright stars on top, gifts under the tree, the aroma of food cooking, the laughter of children, marking items in the Sears and Roebuck catalogue and turning down the pages so ‘Santa would know’, how could you live at 246 South Lindsey Street and not love Christmas?

My three sisters and their children and husbands would all gather on Christmas Eve, dad would get under the tree and hand out the gifts; madness would begin, paper would fly, ribbons would sail, and laughter would feel the air.  Mother was always one would could depend on to do something really funny; she opened this large box, pulled out the lamp shade and pushed the box over to the side to be filled with all the torn paper. Later that night dad asked her how she liked her lamp, “What Lamp?” she asked, “I got a shad but didn’t see any gift with a lamp in it.” We all hurried to the back yard, dug through the pile and there in the large box filled with throw away paper was mother’s lamp. One year she prepared three dozen deviled eggs, we found the in the refrigerator  three days later, we had roast chicken, table so full it would almost fall under the weight of the food, but more than anything we had each other.  Mom and dad spent almost fifty years throwing a party for all of us, time finally ran out and the crowd did not gather, the children did not chatter, and the old table just looked alone and empty, but wow it was wonderful while it was happening and I am forever the better for it.  Ivan

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  1. You are so right. This sure brought back sweet memories from my childhood. Sure miss my mom and dad. Also when our children were small, such a magical time..thanking my Lord today for how richly He has blessed me by placing people in my life like you. Have a blessed holiday.

    • You are so nice, thank you.

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