Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes – Cheerful Hearts

Bright eyes cheer the heart; good news strengthens the bones.  Proverbs 15:30

All of us have rejoiced when we saw our child or another looking at us with those big bright eyes. There is just something about that which reaches out and grabs our hearts. Have you ever considered that God would love to see that same look on our faces as we bow before Him in prayer? Eyes bright with joy, heart filled with excitement all because we were coming to see our master in prayer.  Maybe the reason we don’t realize that is we do not spend any time listing to God, just in silence before Him with eyes that are expecting and hearts filled with joy; with even our bodies in need of His strength.  Maybe we never experience that because we never seek Him with such a heart and wonder. Here at Thanksgiving time would be a wonderful opportunity for us to pause and give thanks to God, to examine our hearts insuring that they are aware of His blessings and filled with a sincere thanksgiving.  I can still remember my dog Louie 88 in dog years when he died, jumping and barking and getting so excited when my car would pull in the drive. Now we really should be smarter than dogs and we certainly should be more excited than they to meet our Master. Since I am on a roll why don’t we let others know how precious they are to us and how much we care for them and are blessed by them. I just bet there are some friends of all of us who could use a big, smile and thank you.  It would make their day, Thanksgiving equals Thanks Living.


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