Thanksgiving From Another Time

The sounds of Christmas are already in the air and the smells of food being cooked for a great feast of Thanksgiving battle for the attention of our nose. I was in college before my family celebrated with a turkey, we always had a couple of baked hens with all the trimmings; I don’t remember if turkey’s were too expensive, maybe not so available as today,  maybe mother had nothing large enough to cook one in, we just didn’t have turkey. I don’t remember that it mattered for we had a table so full that we were always able to eat for days on what was left over. The house was filled with family from the smallest grand child to my mom and dad. All of us were always there, we listened to the stories of days gone bye, played in the yard, fell asleep on the couch, chairs, and floor. Until I was a senior in high school we didn’t have a television so it was family and one another that entertained us. We came back to the table to snack for supper and one by one all would leave our home at 246 South Lindsey Street as the sun fell from the sky and the night air became cold with the reminder that winter was coming. I slept those nights the sleep of the innocent, full, warm, snug in the bed of my youth. God carved the memory of those beautiful days in my heart and now in the time of my own winter I find it warm to remember, to travel down those carved pathways and walk again those beautiful, full and wonderful days of Lindsey Street.


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  1. Ivan, that was a good story. I loved going to Ma and Pop”s house. I always felt welcome. She was a good cook. Lots of good memories.

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