It Never Pays To Worry

I could tell as I walked down Lindsey Street from WhiteHallSchool that something was wrong at our house. I couldn’t see it well enough to know for sure but there was something on the porch that was all wrong. When I got close to the house I realized that there was furniture, a chair, chest, maybe a couple of other items that did not belong there. As I entered the house and saw my sister Alice crying and I knew that something bad was wrong. I soon learned that her house had burned that morning and the furniture on the porch was all that was left from their home on the farm. For the next several months she and her husband would live with us at 246 South Lindsey Street. They took over my room and I took the couch that broke down into a bed in the living room. It wasn’t bad and in fact there were some fun things about them living in our house. But then came Christmas, what were we going to do?  The tree had to be put up in the room I was sleeping in and while we made the room, what about Santa Clause?  How was he going to get into the room with the tree, leave my gifts, and get out without waking me and I knew if I woke up and saw him all of my gifts would disappear. This was a new scene for Christmas. I didn’t say anything about it but I spent a lot of hours in deep worry. A BB gun was on the list of gifts and as sure as Santa left that I would wake up, see him and the gun would be gone. I didn’t mind sleeping in the room with the tree, in fact it was fun and on Christmas eve the place was filled with gifts and people and we enjoyed our regular Christmas event with dad giving out the gifts and all of us throwing the paper all over the room.  It was great, but there was my bed, in the room where Santa was headed. That night I tried and tried to go to sleep and somehow in all the mess and clutter I did. Christmas morning came and there it was the wonderful BB gun. What a scene that Christmas morning with the house filled with family and my gift just like I had requested. It was great having Jimmy and Alice in the house that Christmas and it really only made the house a greater home for a larger family and I, I slept through the night and kept my BB gun. It never pays to worry!


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  1. So glad you got your BB gun.

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