Good People – Bad Things

They won’t be afraid of bad news; their hearts are steady because they trust the Lord.

Psalm 112:7

Can you handle bad things or do you have to blame someone or something?  Now for certain some bad things happen because of what we do and what others do. I eat the wrong food knowing I can’t handle it and wham…  Spend more money that we know we can afford, go too fast, drink and drive.  Those are easy. But sometimes bad things happen and no one and nothing is to blame. We want to blame something for the misfortunate but there is nothing to blame. I have known people who have left the church, got mad at God and pouted for the rest of their lives because of a tragedy in their life. A business failure, sickness, the early death of someone dear, all of these bring us to our knees and our heart hurts and we long for an answer and hopefully that answer will include someone whom we can blame and thus carry a grudge against them for the years yet to come. I remember two brother who each blamed the other for a tragedy in their family, they spent the rest of their lives hating the other, even going to the extent to change the way they spelt their last names so that they might each curse the other and his family. I wish I knew the answer, in my own life I have struggled with this question, but not even the years and old age has brought an answer to me, my only peace is held in the faith which I have that God does know and He does hurt with me. Now since our hearts are steady in our trust of the Lord and we know that He is God and God is always good then we must wait and be certain in our hearts that someday in His presence we will know. No one in this world can know or understand all of the events of providence. So we wait until then and we simply say ‘Lord, I know you and I trust you. I will not be afraid.’


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