A Walk In The Dark

I use to enjoy visiting with a blind couple that lived about two blocks from my home in an off yellow house on College St.

We developed a ritual that we followed each time that I would knock on the door.  They would call for me to come in and I would say, “You know you are sitting here without any lights on don’t you?” They would laugh and tell me to turn the lights on if I must.

I would take Mr. Luther walking sometimes and he would place his hand on my shoulder as we walked along and all the sounds that were made he wanted me to describe to him.

I really did try, but you know it is hard for a small boy to describe a leaf that was falling to a man who had never seen one.  I would let him touch it, smell it and sometimes even taste it. He would laugh and we would go on to the next sound of a kicked rock, breaking piece of glass and too many others to remember.

One day as I was leaving; they both said to me, “Sonny, we can’t see you and you seem very small, but you sure do bring a lot of light into our home.” I really didn’t but I did leave each time with a feeling of purpose and task accomplished.  I know that they are now both deceased, but somewhere in my memory are days of bright sunlight when I took a walk in the dark.

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