Something Really Worth Doing

“Where do I go from here?” those were the first words out of his mouth as he entered my office, “I will finish school in May and everyone says that all the rest is up to me. Pastor I am not only confused but I feel like I am in the middle of a forest made up of trees of thousands of people and jobs, and no pathway. I really do need some help.” I hugged his neck, prayed for a moment and then we both sit down and began the long journey called life. Carson was talented, skilled, smart, ever career he looked at he could have done; graduate school and completion of the requirements would have been only time consuming to him, he would have made it through any of them. That made his choice so much harder. Most of us are bound by limited ability and talents, our choices are narrowed down for us and the tasks of life dose not seem so broad and confusing. We spent a lot of afternoons over the next several months my listing and his talking. Family wanted him to be ‘something’ that would pay well, provide the best of life, and become a real bragging right for them. Carson after all the searching wanted to teach, he loved books, loved kids, and loved to fill his heart with so much that it would just by nature flow out from him to flood all who entered his world. His mother said it did not pay enough, his dad felt like it was a waste of his time and talent, but somehow Carson knew that healing young lives was as important to him as performing life saving surgery. The last time we talked he had turned down the position of President of the university where he taught to remain in the classroom flooding young lives with the enthusiasm of knowledge. Carson found God’s door, while I am sure in time he will see the wisdom of both being the president and teaching, for now he is like his mother said, underpaid, overworked, but excited each night as he tells his wife of that ‘new’ student who will surely changed the world, who just entered his class, his car is six years old, his house notes are several years away from being completed, but Carson, Carson has touched and carved and influenced thousands of lives in the last twenty years, and Carson sits down each night with the joy of knowing that today he did something really worth doing.


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  1. Another great short story, Pastor Ivan. It sounds like Carson has made the same discovery I did long ago regarding teaching. It is a career with two unique attributes. Every day you are rewarded with (1) the instant gratification of (2) helping a fellow human being. How many other careers, wonderful perhaps in other ways, does the participant have to wait years for completion of a task, or never directly interact with the people who may benefit from their actions. Hindsight is a wonderful thing we develop as our lives progress.

    May God bless you,
    Wayne Beardsley
    (Brother of Al, son of Emy)

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