Where Did America Go?

What happened to America? Our home, land of the free, home of the brave, the greatest generation, the working people, the happy people, glad to live here people, the people of dreams and a real belief that those dreams could come true.  Sure it would take hard work, long hours, dedication, commitment, but they could and often did come true. I remember standing on my front lawn at the age of four, it was a cold November day in 1941 looking at the first home my parents had purchased, and in fact it would be the only home they ever bought. You could see all the way under the house, it didn’t look like much but in time and the hard work of my father and family it became a lovely home, bricked, expanded, air-conditioned and we even dug a basement, large basement. That was a cold day of November but it became a warm place I called home, 246 South Lindsey Street, Jackson, TN.

We played in the street, moving over when the cars came by, we roamed the area on our feet and bikes, we walked to town, went to the ball games, no one worried about us and no one harmed us, it was wonderful. We order most of our groceries over the phone and my future brother-in-law brought them to us on his bike, I walked to the store on Lexington Street, sometime twice a day, I started when I was six or seven, no one gave it a second thought. We played out all day in the summer, took a bath, for fun in a large steel tub out back and slept the peace of those covered by the very hand of God.  Where did it go?

All of us listened and watched on Monday as the story of 13 people killed on a Navy base in our nation’s capital unfolded itself, one mad man, mad at what, no one knows, but he and twelve others are now dead. Each time I changed stations I hear a different reason, all just guessed, but everyone had one and no one, not one person mentioned the real reason. Look under the rocks, the empty shells, see it, look in the empty eyes, see it, if you do you will say what caused it all; Sin. That is where America went, we forgot the giver of our gifts and choose in the name of freedom; Sin. It will not leave us, it will not free us, it will not turn us loose, sin only destroys, it always destroys. Where did America go, you spell the answer – S I N.


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  1. Right on.

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