We Missed A Moment

At no time in my life have I seen the fields so white unto harvest as in New York when I was there the week after 9/11; with all the light post covered with notes of missing loved ones, buildings pasted with signs looking for someone, with flower beds springing up all over the sidewalks as people sought to find peace with the moment by leaving arrangements of flowers.

When I would eat in a restaurant people would seek me out to talk about God, in my motel even the maid wanted to know His story. The days were filled with emotions and my soul wept and my heart hurt. I was too old and too filled with the sorrow to stay any longer so I returned to the safety of Tennessee.

My greatest grief of the time was not the fallen buildings, not the three thousand plus who died, not the city that mourned, my greatest grief was that the Christians missed the ripest moment in our modern history to reap a harvest for Jesus.  New York has been forever changed by that Tuesday in September of 01, America has been changed, but if we who know the Lord had done our job thousands and more could have been changed for Christ. We missed the evangelism moment of our time.  We did a lot, we served and responded, but we did not take the gospel as the door was opened to a lost and hurting world.

Yet in spite of our failure to move as maybe we should, we did experience a harvest of many.  Evangelism has not really changed so much from the days when Jesus stopped and healed a man at a pool, paused to allow a woman to touch his garment, and asked a woman at a well for a drink of water. Sometimes we look for programs and movements when the greatest evangelism can be found in our living for others.  Seeing a need and meeting that need. Thousand around our nation are doing exactly that through Disaster Relief. You would be surprised how valuable your skill could be to this effort and how you might discover yourself beside the road helping someone who for the moment has no one; come to meet the only one who can change their life.


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  1. Excellent.

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