A Day Not To Be Forgotten


Carole and I had gone with a group of senior adults from Grace Baptist Church in Tullahoma to Gatlinburg for a senior retreat; I was setting on the edge of the bed in our motel room waiting for Carole, watching the television with the sound muted, I saw the flames coming from the WTC tower but thought it was an ad for some new disaster movie. Then it dawned on me that it was much too long for an ad, I hit the mute button and thus began the day that none of us will forget. Everywhere we went that day the cloud of fear, unbelief, and anger fell across the events we were attending. As you well remember our nation fell into a time of mourning. So much destruction, so many deaths, so dark an hour all because a group of people hated us because of our freedom and prosperity.

That Sunday as we worshiped at Grace I told the people that if I could borrow the money from Ms Carole I was going to New York; never did I imagine that after the service that day the people of Grace would give me more than enough money to make my journey to New York. From pier 94 and Nino’s Bar and Grill I met hundreds of family members, Firefighter, EMT, and Police officers. Ever time I looked at a building with its front covered with pictures of missing people, saw a utility pole cover with the same, met people holding pictures on the street all asking the same question, “Have you seen my loved one’, my heart was broken anew. Having Firefighters who had spent all night working at ground zero wrap their arms around me and weep that their friends were never going to be found and they would never come home; meeting with families asking the question, “Why?”, seeing whole families kneeling beside a picture of a father who was missing, a wife, a son, a daughter; inside I suffered just a fraction of what I knew they were suffering, those were dark days and today as we remember and give honor to all who died, and lost, and grieve; no answer gives full understanding to that Tuesday in September of 2001. While we must not hate we cannot help but hurt and weep new tears as we pause in our lives to remember and honor.


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