Cindy stood in my office door tears rushing down her face, hands shaking, and voice so low that I had to go to her in order to know what she was saying.  The story was not new to me but it was to Cindy, cancer. After a struggle to discover what was wrong the worst possible news dropped on her like a great unmovable stone. Her only child was in college, her husband had left years before, her parents were deceased, and she felt abandon by all that made life dear.

So began our journey as friends for the next three years. Surgery, wills, bills, tears, fear, and all the elements of a Hollywood drama. But this was not film, and the ending would not be enchanting.

There were times when life seemed like a burden too heavy to bear. The chemo was destructive; its cost was almost as terrible as the cancer. There were days when life was not worth getting out of bed and days when I was sure she would never walk again. Her will was not to live forever in the torn and broken body but to live until that final moment when He would call her name. She wanted to see her daughter through school and she wanted to have enough of herself left at the end of the battle to say goodbye to those whom she loved.

 Cindy saw her daughter graduate from college and attended her wedding to a great guy. She dug her faith deeper in the Word and became a great witness of the joy of living. When people visited they left more blessed than when they arrived. I am sure some would say she lost the battle.  But I knew that Cindy had won more than a victory, she had won the war. Her last words were, ‘He is still here.’  He was.


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