The Great Flag

The Great Flag at Calvary Church

Just two blocks west of Lindsey Street at the corner of Lexington and Tomlin was the church of my birth, both physical and spiritual. I was born in a house across the street on Lexington and met my Redeemer on a Thursday night in February 1947 at Calvary. I remember that in the war years we had a great American flag that hung from the ceiling to the top of the doorway to the pastor’s right. On the stars of that flag pictures were pinned of the young men in our church family who were in the service of our country. Each Sunday as we gathered to worship we would pause and pray for those young men and their families. Now and then a gold star was hung under the picture telling all who looked that the young man in that picture would not be coming home.

One Sunday as we were singing a lady came down the aisle and motioned for the pastor to come down and speak with her. None of us knew the lady and no one could imagine why she had interrupted the service, then the pastor raised his hands, stopped the singing and called for William, our janitor, who always sat just outside the door going into the balcony. He asked William to bring the ladder and in a few moments he explained to all of us that this dear mother had hear about our flag and wanted to know if we would put a picture of her son who was in Europe on one of the starts. The pastor climbed the ladder, read the boys name and hung his picture to the next available star. As he prayed from the top of that ladder there was not a dry eye in the church for God was there putting His arm around that mother and His Spirit over her son. It was a great flag, and CalvaryBaptistChurch was a great church.


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