I have been worried about my dog Max, he is a for year old German Sheppard beautiful color has the spots in the back of his mouth that prove his pure blood line, plus all of the papers to prove his excellent linage and weights about 110 lbs. But Max has a complex, he really does.

He started out to be a police dog, he was sent to school, told how proud he would be of himself being a trained ‘police dog’; for about six months he ran with the top of the breed, then the unthinkable; there in front of all the dogs he was led out not with a uniform collar and the rank of PFC Police Dog, but with a simple collar and humiliation. The other dogs laughed at him, called him drop out, and made fun of his failure to become a graduate ‘Police Dog.”  No uniform, badge, and certificate for Max.

My son John rescued him but John lived in a condo and Max had to stay by himself all day; nothing to do, no TV, no marching orders, nothing. He killed time by eating the cushions on the couch, then the couch, the blinds, curtains, and almost the glass windows.

So John brought him to me, now no self respecting German Sheppard Police Dog wants to live with an old man, but he does so and with that has come a complex.

I taught him to retrieve a yellow bone, he was good, he could either catch it in the air or grab it the minute it hit the ground and return it to me quickly.

So I got him a new collar, we marched down the drive with an air of confidence and I threw the bone, Max ran quickly, got it and returned it to me. I had him do this five times each time getting a litter further away; he never failed to retrieve the bone.

So I pinned a star on his collar, read him a four color certificate I had printed stating for all the world to know that he was a certified ‘bone fetcher’.

I also presented him with a new bright green bone. I am sure his confidence is better, but I did find the star pinned to his collar, eaten, and the certificate in about 20 pieces, I should have framed it and put in on the wall next to my ‘Dog Training Certificate’ well maybe next time when we finish the salute and hand shake course.

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