Just For Fun

Don’t you just love email? I got some great offers today. First there was a lady who wanted me to help her get 50 million dollars which her husband had left her out of some country I couldn’t spell. Seems strange to me that her husband was smart enough to leave her 50 big ones but not smart enough to get it to her. She wanted a lot of information so I sent her the name of the President of our local bank and told her that he knew me and could take care of it without all that much trouble.  I don’t think I will hear from her again but if I see my banker buying a new house and driving a new car I am going to ask some questions.  Then there was the offer to let me go to Nursing School, that’s a good one since I will probably need a full time nurse soon. Also a guarantee that I could be a CSI agent, wow, now I would love that especially if they would put me on TV. The best was one that I should look into; an offer to get me a new chest now that is not the words they used but I am sure that is what they meant. I looked in a mirror, I could sure use a new chest, but then it would be like fixing an old car, where do you stop? I need a lot of parts. Man I love email.


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  1. That\s Victor Mature, I said, the first time I saw you.

    If your chest gets any bigger, you’ll have to wear lion pelts to cover it.. Where will you get the lions?

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