Do I Believe in Mysteries

By the time I met Ted he was hard, unforgiving, judgmental, filled with hate and disliked by most of the people who knew him. I had been asked to visit him by his wife, who was always in church, always praying for Ted as well as her two teenage sons. When I met them I learned quickly that they felt the same as everyone else in the community when it came to their father. It had even spilled over in their disgust for their mother because she had silently put up with so much grief spilled out by their father, her husband. Ted did not like me from the moment I shook his hand, I knew that I was as welcomed as a tax audit. After many visit which ended with a silent, I hope you don’t come back; I got Ted to talk about his time in the military. Since I was stationed at Parris Island, Still on active duty with the Navy, we had found a comfort zone of communication. So the visits were better, at lease for me and Ted came to a place where he was willing to tell me about the hateful years of his childhood, how his time in the South Pacific was a piece of cake compared to his home life as a boy. I could somehow see the hardness of this man as we walked under the oak trees of the low country and talked about his failure to see that his wife loved him dearly, his sons would loved nothing better than to be hugged by him, and that Jesus knew him and loved him. He never made a step toward Jesus, he always shook off, changed the subject, went in a different direction when I would ask him to receive Jesus. Then the call came from one of the boys telling me that Ted had experienced a terrible stroke and his chances of survival were slim. I visited and watched as the boys and their mother met his ever need and took loving care of him for the next six months. I always prayed each time that I visited and I asked God to let Ted confess Him as Lord. I stood with the family and a few friends as they buried him in the local cemetery, my heart was so very crushed for his wife, his sons, and most of all for Ted. A few Sundays after his death Ted’s wife came to church early and said she had something to tell me; with the tears caused by grief and joy flowing down her face she said that Ted had come into her room the night before, hugged her and told her that he had believed one night as we prayed and all was well. I have no way to know what she experienced, but I know that it brought her peace. Jesus is the giver of Peace. Ivan

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