Loving God

And we have this command from Him; the one who loves God must also love his brother. First John 4:21

Very simple to read, very, very hard to do.

Corrie Ten Boone in her book, ‘The Hiding Place’, said that one of the most difficult moments in her life came one night after she has spoken in a church and she saw a man coming down the aisle whom she recognized as a German guard in one of the prison camps she had been locked up in during the Second World War.

She said she will never forget the moment of hate she felt as he approached and she was not sure that she could even shake his hand let alone treat him in a civil fashion. It was in those moments that her love for God grew so large that it included this once horrible creature that approached her. With the eyes of both the former guard and hers flooding with rivers of tears they just stood there for what seemed like eternal moments allowing the forgiveness of God and His love to envelope both of them.

That is loving God. Then she took his hand and with her arms wrapped around him said, “I forgive you.” He wept so loud that his request to be forgiven could barely be understood. In that embrace and in that moment God covered two people who had experienced the worst causing one to humbly ask for forgiveness and the other to extend it and all the moments and the horror of those past years were forever wrapped in His forgiving blood.


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  1. Love Ivan’s thoughts within thoughts.

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