Say Thank You

Do you have an Attitude of Gratitude?

Mother would always ask me when someone had done something for me, ‘Did you say thank you?’ I believe it was a measure of goodness to my mother.

When you begin to list what you like about people an attitude of gratitude will be on that list. I have worked with people who did not know the word, ‘thank you’ and some of them have had a lot of lovely qualities but without gratitude they always came across stiff, selfish, and unreasonable.

I noticed this past weekend how many people expressed their gratitude; often it was for a simple act of kindness; mother would have called it good manners. As most of you know I wear a hat most of the time, it looks like a Greek fisherman’s cap, so when I would enter the elevator and a lady was present, I would always remove my hat, a couple of them smiled and as they got off of the elevator said, ‘Thank You,’ I had done nothing special, just practiced what my parents and teachers had taught me more than sixty years ago. But you know something, I like the way they said it and also the very fact that they would have noticed. Gratitude like love can cover a multitude of wrongs. When what you do is appreciated and people say so it really makes a difference. Your heart is warmer, your feelings glow, and your gratitude begins to show. So gratitude goes both ways and touches both parties and maybe even others who just overhear the expression.

Work to see how many people you can say ‘thank you’ to today. It just might make others smile and you nicer.


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