Tie Your Shoes

They certainly did not intend for this prisoner to escape, he was kept in a secured cell made more secure by additional guards at each of the prison doors and chained between two guards, even as he slept; he was secure. Suddenly he was struck on his side and lifted up; he was told by the angel to arise quickly, to gird himself and tie on his sandals, put on his coat, and follow him; he did as requested and it was not until he was inside the city and safe that he realize this was not a dream it was real.

Notice, the angel did all the thinks Peter could not do; kept the guards asleep, opened the gates, removed the chains but he did not do what Peter could do for himself. Peter had to put on his on clothes, tie his own sandals, grab his coat and follow. The angel never offered to do any of these tasks.

Maybe the reason our prayers are not answered is that we are waiting for God to do what He knows, and we know that we can do for ourselves.  Need a job; waiting for God to call, what is wrong with your finger? Sick; waiting for a healing, maybe a visit to the doctor is in order? Short on income, and long on expenses; maybe a second job, striking out some of the wants and getting by on the needs is in order? Check out your prayer list, check on your to do list, then fall before our maker in complete surrender.

Remember God in His word has called upon us to do our best, give our all and He will give more than the rest. (Acts 12:5)

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  1. Great story I will pass this on thanks and keep up the good work

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