The Preferred Car Wash

While waiting to pick up my daughter several years ago in Jackson, I decided to get my car washed.  I knew that the Amoco station down the street had a car wash and so I pulled in, filled up with gas and went in to get a token for the car wash. The clerk told me that they no longer used tokens but gave me a code, so I wrote it in the palm of my hand pulled around to the wash to discover that a large gold Lincoln town car was in the wash. By the large cross on his back bumper I knew he had to be a preacher; I even thought he must be rather good at it to drive the town car compared to my GrandAm. I also realized that the washer was not working; He opened the door and hollowed something back at me which I took to mean for me to hit the start button. Maybe he had put the code in but forgot to hit start and just pulled into the wash. I lowered my window and just as I reached for the start button I saw him standing beside his car and his eyes got real big, I had hit the button, water came on from everywhere the arm that controlled the roller brush caught his car door and opened it all the way as he and his thousand dollar suit jumped to get back in the car; then came the soap, more water, his arm reaching for the door, window still down; the had to be famous preacher, now soaked both with water and soap, I am slipping down in my car so that I did not have to watch, and then the moment turned too funny for me to remain as I thought of what he would tell the congregation when he got up to preach in his great suit, wet and shrinking, himself more polished than ever before due to the efficient roller and preferred car wash. I wanted to back out but he left in such a hurry, not sure the red light had gone off, that I decided the safest place for me was in the car wash. Be careful, those car washers can take all of your dignity.


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  1. Ivan,

    This is a very funny story. I really enjoy you stories…some of which provoke thought and conversation throughout the day.

    Thank you and keep sharing your stories.

    See you Sunday.

    Larry Bruce

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