Not Funny

Remember as a kid when you would catch a turtle, place him on his back and see how long it would take him to turn over and ‘run’ away? Well I have news for all of you turtle tormenters, it is not funny, at lease not to the turtle.

Last night I noticed that my birds had eaten all of their food so I went out with a scoop of bird seed to fill up the feeder. Now this bird feeder is in the middle of my bank full of four to six foot tall sunflowers. I managed to get the seed into the feeder without destroying my wonderful sunflowers but as I started to back out I got my foot caught in a couple of the sunflowers and that started my fall. It took me about 30 minutes to hit the ground and when I did I was in the middle of the drive way on my back. Since my drive at that spot is a rather steep incline I began to see myself snowballing down to the street but by the goodness of God I put out my arms and thus no roll. But now I had another problem, I could not get up, like the upside down turtle I was stuck.  I had my phone but on my back, facing the sun I could not make out the names of the men living close to me. After a few, ‘I am sorry I made the wrong call’ I reached one of my nearby deacons and his wife who were now quickly coming to my aid; About the same time my neighbor and banker Jeff saw me strung out on the pavement. With a double interest, I am his pastor and also owe him money, so he rushed to my aid and with strength he did not know he had he put me back on my feet. His mother and father drove up at about the same time and with the examination showing only a destroyed pair of pants, bruised hands, skinned elbow and knee I somehow struggle into the house on two legs that are far too old, with lost dignity and bruised ego I settled down to wash in peroxide. Since Jeff’s wife is a nurse she came up to make sure that all the parts were still attached and with fear and trembling poured something red or orange on the torn parts of my body and assured me that I will still be able to preach Sunday. With a serious heart I praise God for a pair of wonderful deacons and their wives; nice to have good neighbors.



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  1. Bless you ! Glad you’re ok from the fall. It reminds me of years ago at Green River Baptist while traveling on a retreat with the teenage group that were one of many you took us all on. I recall the bus slowing down, you opened the door before a complete stop, and fell from the top step of the bus door tumbling down to the side of the road. That was a scary day for us all !

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