Fears That Require Faith

All of us have some fears but as we grow older those fears seem to fall into a smaller funnel. For those of my generation, over sixty-five, two fears stand out like great dark mountains.

One is the fear of living longer than your money. In this time of longer life span this is a very real and reasonable fear. What if my money runs out before I do? No one wants to be a burden to their children. No one wants to come to the end of life and have to depend on others for help to survive. While social security is wonderful, most of us know that it will not sustain the life style we have enjoyed. Recently our savings have either vanished in that pit of ‘where did it go’ or they have dropped in earning power until even a good sum like $200,000 or so does not add much to our income for living unless we begin to draw down the principle and then we are back to that first fear, what if we live too long. A good manager of money might be able to help but even the smartest of advisors cannot do what cannot be done.  Thus the fear, “Living Longer than My Money.”

The second fear is somewhat the same. “Living Longer than My Health.” By that I mean our health plays out but our body continues to live.  All of us have visited the “Senior Adult Centers” and seen people who long ago ran out of health but not of life.  Thus they continue with 24/7 care for all of the issues of life. Again what is the answer?

I wish I knew the answer to these two pressing questions. I did everything I was told to do about investing my money, setting aside savings for my ‘Old Age” and then watched it vanish a few years ago as if it was never there.  With health, even the scriptures say what can I do to add an inch, a year, even a day.

Maybe it all goes back to the faith that as God provides for the birds of the air He will also provide for me. Perhaps my children will step up to the plate and hit the home run that I will need to see me to eternity’s gate. Maybe God’s grace will work it all out as he did for my dad who died when he had $931.00 left in the bank.

One thing for certain all the worry in the world will not alter the course and payment of time; so I like the birds of the air must do all that God has given me the ability to do and then believe that God will provide for the final flight.

With faith in Him I take each step, each fear, and each day knowing and believing that He really meant it when He said, “I will go with you to the end of the world.”


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  1. I hear you!!! But then I remember, either God is my Provider or He’s not. I choose to believe He is! It goes back to surrender. It is when we surrender and let go of our fears, our worries, our doubts, that is when He is free to work at His Best.

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