Dearest Mary

(A letter from the Civil War – sometimes it helps to see the broken hearts of others and realize that compared to them our times are good times.)


Dearest Mary

It has been so long since I have been able to write and tell you of my hearts desire that will only be complete when I am once again in your arms. It has been more than a year since I have seen you but your face is still etched in my heart and not even the horrors of this war can erase it. Mary I am so glad that you live outside the boundaries of these battles and are spared a little of the darkness of the hour.

We have been so long in battle that it is hard from me to remember why we are here and why every where I look there is another dead man. I crawled over the body of a boy from near our home yesterday, his uniform was blue and I remembered that the last time I talked with in 1859 he was on his way to West Point, the union military school for officers. I almost cried when I saw who it was as I made my way across his body, strange that I would cry for a Yankee, but he was from our home and by now the bodies both grey and blue all look alike, just dead, forever dead. I thought of his family, I did weep Mary there was no way to hold back the flow of tears for he was about my age and his family must be so broken because he will never come home.

I pray Mary that I will be home with you before some boy crawls over my body. Remember me and never forget for a moment that I think of you.



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