A Shepherd

A Shepherd

I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me. John 10:14

In the summer of 1994 we made our base camp in Goma, Zaire, within walking distance to the border of Rwanda. Because of the civil war in Rwanda there were about 800,000 people who had crossed the border in the area around Goma. Our original mission had been to provide safe water and medical care to those refugees. However when we arrived we learned that the water issue had been cared for by a group from Germany and we were to do general work in the area and to build a facility for 500 children.  Our first weekend in Zaire we saw about 15,000 bodies removed from Lake Kivu just two blocks from our facility. The streets were so packed with people that it was almost impossible to drive without just pushing the people out of the way and unaccompanied children were running everywhere. They were hungry, frightened, and sick. As we completed the camp sight for them to live on in safety, with medical care, and people to provide for them you could see an almost immediate change in them.  Life returned, hope came alive, and health began to return. They had been like sheep without a Shepherd and now they had found the Shepherd and he had called them home.

Everywhere I have been it is always the same; people long for someone to care for them, to love them, know them, and for someone to be their Shepherd. That longing will never be filled until they meet The Shepherd; Jesus, maybe one of the tasks you have in life is to bring them to meet Him.


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