Home With A View

I turned down the dirt road that I had been told would lead me to the family I was looking for, it was narrow, seldom traveled, and seemed almost like the road I have sometimes dreamed of that goes no where. Then I went over a little rise and there was the house just off of the road, yard mowed, house painted, flowers in beds along the front and side of the house and an elderly couple sitting in a swing on the porch. They greeted me like old friends even though we had never met, welcomed me into the house, almost too neat to sit in, offered me some wonderful ice tea, and suggested we sit on the back porch. It too was neat, a small table with four chairs and a view to take your breath away of the trees and hills painted on the eastern sky line. I introduced myself as the local pastor and asked about their relationship with the Lord. They share a beautiful experience of coming to know Jesus as a young couple and growing in Him as the years had added age to their bodies and roughness to their hands. I asked about their current church and they told me of one several miles away, one I was not even aware of, still active but with less than 20 people on its membership. We talked of many things and I asked if I might pray before I left, they said they would be honored, then holding each other in loves embrace they bowed as I voiced our prayer. They thanked me for coming by, told me I would be welcomed anytime and I started down that dusty road looking at that house so filled with love and asked God to give that joy to all who were part of my church family. They had so little in things compared to those who attended my church, their home would have been a family room in most of the houses in the city, but the happiness that filled that house made it a mansion. I wonder when we think of God preparing a place for us, is it really going to be so large and so splendid; maybe it is going to be filled with love like the home with the eastern view painted by the hand of God.


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