Another Life

She spent most of her lunch hour looking at items a five year old boy needs and some that he wants.  Her wish list was long but it would be trimmed, in fact 99 percent of it would go unmet. She walked through the store picked out what they would need for supper and walked back to work. She remembered the shock and nightmare of learning at seventeen that she was going to be a mother. The father just laughed and moved into another world, saying that he would give her $500.00 for an abortion but that she must be more careful in the future. He was right; the care she would invoke would be the correct moral code and a wiser choice of ‘friends’ as well as doing the best she could as a single mom. She had finished school, gotten a job, had Marshall and was still working to complete her education and give them both a better life. The job she had provided a one room apartment, food, bus money and care for Marshall while she was at work. It was hard, the dreams of a small town girl were now gone and the hope of those beautiful eyes of seventeen were long lost in the struggle to just stay alive and give Marshall the chance to be all he could be in life. She took him to church but always felt that most of the people consider her beneath them and Marshall as just another welfare kid. There was no welfare involved but the stigma of a never married mother still hung around her neck like a great ‘A’ brazened into her forehead.

David watched her in the store, followed her from a distance as she walked back to work and would be there when she came for Marshall at the Day Care Center. In fact he had watched her for a month now, he even knew what she was thinking, he knew her well, and saw much that he had never known. No mother had ever held him, changed him, dreamed of giving him the things he needed let alone that which he wanted. He had never been a child, never known life as a boy of five. Only now did he live and only now for a brief moment in time would he be here. His mother had let him die before he had seen life, but now, for a moment he would live.

She arrived at work early having dropped Marshall off at school and walking the ten blocks to work. She checked her computer for messages, checked her schedule for the day and began the task of the daily grind.

She heard them speaking in the hall before they knocked and entered her door. “Carla” her boss for the past four years said as he and another man enter the small room, “This is David, he is director of a special project and he and I have been talking for several weeks now and he has a program he wants to talk with you about.” She stood they shook hands and then the man called David asker her to sit and explained that he represented a trust called, “Another Life” and that they were interested in making her an offer. He continued by saying that they were impressed with her life struggles and her desire to achieve and would like for her to become a student in their program. He explained that she would continue with her current job but at half of the hours spent in the office and the other half in school and training. Her salary would be increased a bit and she would be given a two bed room apartment as part of her compensation. The company had agreed that they would share with “Another Life” and once she completed the course she would be promoted to a much more responsible position and salary. David told her that Mr. Swanson would fill in the details and he would check with her again at the end of the program. He turned to leave, them remember and handed her the keys and address of the new home. Check it out; if it is not acceptable just let Mr. Swanson know. With that David was gone.

Mr. Swanson told her to take the rest of the day to check out the apartment, do the paper work at the human resource center of the company, and get things completed for college.

She opened the door to the apartment, it was close enough to walk to her job, had its on front door, porch and short side walk. When she opened it all the furnishing of her dreams were there; Marshall’s room was exactly like the one she had dreamed of in the store and in the closet were several items she had dreamed about for herself as well as for Marshall.

She saw the card on the table and with the tears flowing down her face opened it, inside was a note: Hope this will fill many of your dreams and here is a thousand dollars to help with the odds and ins. Thanks for ‘Another Life’,  David.

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