Praying For America

Today is our National Day of Prayer, our theme this year is praying for America. I grew up at a time when every day was a day of prayer for America; those years of my early childhood were filled with the prayers of our people for the war that raged around the world. In our church at Calvary, the corner of Lexington and Tomlin, in Jackson, Tennessee we had a large flag hanging from the ceiling next to the front wall where the preacher stood and where all in the building could see, on that flag we had pinned the pictures of the young men and women from our church family who were serving our country all across our globe. We prayed before each service for those men and women pictured on that flag. I remember one Sunday when a lady who had never been in our church had a deacon come down during the song service and asked the pastor to speak to her for a moment. The pastor did so and then when the song ended he told us that this lady did not have a church to pray for her son who was serving in Europe and had asked if we would include him on our list. The pastor called for William to bring in the ladder and then he climbed to the flag and pinned the picture of that young man to a star and our church fell into a long silence of prayer for that boy and his family.

Let us pin to the star of our hearts the name America today and let us fall before our Lord in prayer for our land. There is no other hope.


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  1. “No other hope, Ivan? Of course there is. Christianity is but one part of the “stew” that is the United States. Unlike the “melting pot” idea, we are a nation on many cultures and many religions. To pin our future one “hope” is short-sighted. When I pray, I don’t pray for the nation, I pray for its people. I pray that we have the wisdom, strength and unity to retreat from non-inclusive goals and ideas, and to return to the time when we put aside partisanship and worked together to assure our future.

    … Jake

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