Getting Through The Airport

Modern Travel Adventures

Travel is really a bit of an adventure today, maybe not to the extend it was to those first ‘Volunteers’ from Tennessee who came to Texas to Liberate the ‘one star’ state, but it does have its moments of challenge. I believe that I must carry the gene of adventure in my physical features for the airport has remained for me an adventure, unlike my ‘volunteer’ friends, yet with moments of both fear and laughter. I arrived in plenty of time to make my trip one without challenge and frustration. But there it was from the on set. As I parked in the extended parking, somewhere near Lebanon if not further, the bus which was to carry me to the airport stopped behind my car and with the courtesy of a typical southern gentleman the driver opened the door and held everyone up so that I could board his bus.  I wasn’t ready, but the hum of his engine and the call of the passengers made it imperative that I move quickly.  I did so, forgetting only one small item, the charger for my phone, but why worry, who needs to call. So I got off to a quick start, bags flowing in the wind from my arms, looking a bit like I had too much of something I have never had but I did get through the door to the laughter of the passengers and their unison sign of relief that they too could now go on with their trip to the terminal.

With my one bag checked and the other ready for me to make it through the forest of guards and machines which would determine if I was travel worthy. I approached the area in a very serious manner, removed my computer from the case and placed it in a container, then my coat, all items in my pockets in another, my watch, hat and shoes in yet a fourth. Thereupon I was instructed to place my feet in these painted prints of feet put my hands over my head and stand very still. Suddenly he stopped the process and asked me to remove my belt; I did, handing it to a female guard who placed it in my fifth gray container.  With that done and back to my position I realized that without my belt it was going to be difficult to put my hands over my head without my pants falling to the floor but then I am a ‘Volunteer’ headed to Texas, I can do this, so I pouched out everything I could control and made it through the whirl of the machine; somewhere, inside the equipment, where the lady  who looks at the scans hides, I hear a small laughter, maybe a bit of a snicker, could have been and awe, not sure, but now I thought, I am through. But then the nice guard asked me to stand aside so the now booing line of would be passengers could again regroup and continue their journeys on to places around the world. The guard then informed me that he would have to pat me down, again he told me how to stand and struggling not to loose my still falling pants I managed to meet this requirement. Then he took me to a strange looking machine when he coated my hands with a liquid, not sure what it was but he wore gloves and avoided it like it might cause parts to fall off if they did not meet its approval. With that he took the gauze with which he wiped my hands and placed it under a special light, imported from outer space or Oak Ridge, not sure which, and with a great smile of relief he said, ‘good you can go.’ Holding my pants with one hand looking for my five containers of clothing, shoes, belt and other valuables I located them in another area of the airport and begin the chore of ‘regrouping my aged body for my journey to the gate. One side bar of a positive note I now had no time to wait at the gate and the world of onlookers sighed with joy that we are now safe to travel.

Knowing that God takes care of his servants I told my story to the lady in the seat next to me and after an invitation to buy me a drink and a long laughter when I told her ‘never had, never would’ she asked what type of phone I had, I told her and she opened her computer case and removed four or five chargers and said, “Find the one that fits.” I located the correct charger and offered to purchase it from her but was stalled when she declined and said, “Not to worry, I travel every week and each time I check into a hotel I ask if they have a phone charger that I might use, thus I now have several just in case I might need one and today I do.” “Beside”, she said, “The story was worth the charger.”

Outside of spilling my peanuts and tripping over something hanging loose from a very large lady in an aisle seat on my way to the restroom the trip went rather well.

Note- While I laugh at the inspection adventure as it happened to me I am glad that we have all the procedures we need to keep everyone safe.


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  1. You are very good with the hilarity of the world we live in! You may be interested to know there is a new airline coming Southern Airways, who will use smaller planes and the passengers will not need to go thru all that security. The fares are promoted to be cheaper than regular airlines. We will see if it comes true! Thanks for sharing!

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