No Win

By the time I received the call from the houseparents the Sunday afternoon scene had become a three ring circus. The houseparent’s in one ring, the mother of the child in another ring, and the ten year old boy in the third ring, all sure that they were right and I had to make the ten year old boy obey. The facts were basis, the mother had promised the boy that she would pick him up at 1 pm, take him to lunch and the park and they would stay off campus until 5.  A typical Sunday afternoon visit with parents. The houseparent’s were caught in the middle, the mother was back, it was 4:30 and she was insisting that her son be made to get out of the car so that she could leave, they were to be the enforcers. The boy was mad because she had not shown up until 4, had taken him to the Sonic for a coke and now wanted to leave. He had thirty more minutes and he was going to wait them out in the car. I was on the boy’s side, but knew that it was not going to be that simple so a solution had to be proposed. I took the mother aside, got her story and told her how wrong I felt she had been and how hurt her son was. His display was anger, but it was really hurt. The houseparent’s were with me but were limited in how much they could disclose of their feeling because the child was going to come into the house in a rage any way that it worked out. I got the boy to unlock the car and got in and talked with him for a few minutes, explained that I understood how he felt but that we were going to have to work on a better way to display his feelings. I told him if he would tell his mother goodbye and let her know that he was hurt because of the short visit, but do it as nicely as possible that he could go with me to church that night and we would do dinner and it would be nine or so before we got back also that he could choose two friends to go with us. We never went anywhere alone with kids, not wise in today’s world. I remember that story because it reminds me of the wonderful people who serve as houseparent’s and who struggle so hard with a life that is at best difficult, all because they love children. Also I am reminded of the hurt so many children live with each day. I never knew that hurt but I am so pleased that God allowed me a few years of my life working with children who without the godly workers of the Children’s Home would never have had an inch of a chance.

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