When Will It End?

Where does it end? I am sure that many people are asking that question tonight as we put ourselves to bed trying to close out this day of tragedy and terror. From a philosophical point of view we must be smart enough to understand that it is not going to stop. There is no law, short of making our nation a police state that will stop evil people from performing evil deeds in an open and free society. I wonder how long it is going to take us to be brave enough to identify the real enemy; Satan is our enemy, he hates America and God fearing people of every nation. Look in the nations where he is in control there is no freedom and there is no room for the foundation upon which our nation was built; ‘Believing that freedom is a gift from God.’ When we fall upon our faces before the Living God and ask Him to forgive our sin, cleanse our hearts and bring our ways back into the fold of His ways? We must all take responsibility for our personal behavior, our sin of neglect and blindness to wrong. Too long we have turned our eyes from Him, we have sought our own path, now the time has come for us to open our eyes, see our personal failures and responsibility, repent and seek the face of God. Then we must ask our Father and Lord to bring revival to this land, return truth to our voices, God likeness to our daily lives, and worship of Him by all who will follow and believe. Our pulpits must be filled with His Word, His forgiveness, and His expiation’s of those who call Him Lord.

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