Ice Cream

An Afternoon in Downtown Jackson

One of the wonderful things about growing up in Jackson, TN in the 40’s and 50’s was that the city had a wonderful downtown. Stores lined the streets and as a small boy you could walk around the several blocks of downtown without any fear. Often after a movie Johnnie Barber and I would walk around the downtown looking at the wonderful window displays in all the stores. How much the modern shopper misses no wonderful windows? We would sometime stop at the fire station and talk with the firemen, they were always sitting out front and ready to talk to a couple of boys.

One day we headed up to Pearl and Lowenstein because they had great mechanical window displays and we always checked to see if they had a new one showing.  That day, however before we could get there a sign in a new restaurant caught our eyes, “Free Ice Cream Today” there it was in the window of a new restaurant called Harvey’s. We each read the sign and then walked slowly by the restaurant to see if anyone was eating ice cream we couldn’t tell but we decide we had nothing to lose so inside we popped for the free ice cream.  Now I am sure that the restaurant intended for the ice cream to be for customers buying something else, but what else does a nine year old boy need beside ice cream? We explained to the lady that we had read the sign about free ice cream and wondered if it was true. She gave us a great smile and said “It is most certainly true, would you guys like it in a bowl or would you like a cone and then you have to choose between chocolate and vanilla?  We smiled really big and both said, ‘cone and vanilla’ in a moment it was out the door for each of us with a great ice cream cone.

As we turned the corner going up Liberty Street we saw Bobby Woods trying to decide which kind of candy he was going to buy at the news stand. We got up close and said, ‘Bobby before you buy come over here.’ He turned and followed us until we were out of hearing distance from the man at the newsstand. “Bobby, don’t spend your money, the new restaurant around the corner is giving away wonderful ice cream cones.” We almost shouted. He grinned, looked at our cones and around the corner he journeyed.

You know that is the way life should be we should be excited to share with our friends all the wonderful treats that life offers. Also a lot more stores should give nine year old boys free ice cream cones.

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