Jacob said, “For what a relief it is to see your friendly smile. It is like seeing the smile of God.” Genesis 33:10

You know of course that this is from The Living Bible and is not a translation but a paraphrase. But I think our writer hit the tone of the event for when Jacob met his brother and saw that he was pleased to see him and that the angry of the years had passed he was relieved and pleased.  Smiles are so important.  I realized when I worked with the Children’s Home how many children had never experienced the smile of joy and pleasure from a parent or some other person in their lives. Often it was very difficult to break through the barrier of their sadness and hardness. The lost joy, lost respect for themselves, and missing approval of others left such deep scares that it sometimes took months even years to break through so that they could see the SON shine of life.  I remember once when a young boy was having a really bad day and was in what you might call a rage. I took him back to his room hoping to calm the situation and realizing that it had recently been redone asked him if he like the room. He said, NO very loudly and I asked why. Then he told me it was because I was in the room.  So I stepped out into the hall and then stuck my head around the door and asked if it was better now. With that I saw a great big smile and knew that this battle was over.  We forget sometimes how important a pleasant face is to others, how much a smile can mean to another life.  Smile, it might seem like the face of God to another.

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  1. Love this story, Uncle Ivan!!

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