From the Bottom of the Pile

Jesus said to her, “Mary.”  She turned to Him and cried out, “Teacher”  John 20:16

When I was a boy we played a lot of sandlot ball and no matter what the sport we always started the same way; we let two guys choose sides. Once we had decided who had first choice the rest was always the same, the best players were picked first and then when we were down to the last two or three someone would say, “You over there and you over there.”  They had to know that no one expected anything from them, in fact it didn’t really matter if they played or not. I suppose you would call it being bottom of the pile, last choice, and really not wanted. I think Mary must have been a nobody, at least until she met Jesus. When she first met Him and worshiped him the others wanted her out of the room, run off, she was nobody. True she probably had a bad reputation, maybe she was everything people have said she was, and she was at the bottom of the pile. But that first Easter at the tomb of Jesus He called her name. He knew her, she was important to Him. Maybe you have never been at the bottom of the pile, I have and I know what it is like to have Him call my name.  Just think when Jesus spoke to her, when Jesus called her name it was like darkness had turned to light, the sand became water, and despair became hope. Listen He is calling your name.

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