Marys Tears

Across the street from our home on Lindsey Street and about four houses north there was a large vacant lot in the shape of an L which opened onto Lexington Street where there was a nicer than average home. The couple who lived in the house had a maid and her son who lived with them.  The maid did all kinds of work including taking care of the ten or twelve goats that lived in the vacant lot. Since that was all that the kids saw her do we called her the goat lady we meant no harm, we just didnt know how to be correct. I always thought the family she lived with took advantage of her and worked her much too hard. I asked my mother why she lived like she did and why she had to work with the goats and live with those people.  Mother told me that she was not married when her son was born and her family threw her out of her home and these were the only people who would give her a place to live. Now times have changed and we look with a different view on such matters but can you imagine how much Mary must have suffered to be found with child before she and Joseph were married. Just think of the talk in her circle.  Even family and close friend would not believe a story like Virgin birth. She must have spent a lot of weeping nights after hearing what people were saying about she and Joseph. I think we sometimes forget that it often costs to serve our Lord.  It is not just a free ride. Salvation is free by His purchase, but our lives should be different than the worlds and that has a price.

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