A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17

He heard the Foreman read the verdict, guilty. He walked over to the guilty man put his arms around him and with a great hug said, “I still love you, my friend.”  Carlton parked at the curb, checked in the mirror to see how his face looked then got out of the car and went into his home.  His wife met him at the door and asked, What happened? Guilty, he said, guilty on all charges. She hugged him and mixed her tears with his. She knew that he had known Steven for all of their 35 years and she knew that this was heartbreaking for him. Quietly she asked, What now? His response had been soft, I guess I will be going to the prison for a lot of visits over the next thirty years. Carlton did visit the prison, no less than once a month and sometimes more for the next twenty plus years.  When he learned that Steven was dying of cancer and being released to spend his final days outside of prison he brought him to his home and over the next five months took care of him like he was a baby. She watched her husband stand at Stevens grave, one of less than nine people there, he was the last to turn and walk back to the car. Sometimes friendship runs very deep and through great valleys of darkness. But true friendship still runs.

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  1. Yes how difficult for us humans to swallow our anger and pride to forgive those who have hurt us in so many ways…. The Lord asks us “seventy times seven”… and then some. It feels very good to lay down the burdens at The Lord’s feet and say “Please take care of these for me Lord: it is too heavy for me to carry any longer.”

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