A Big Chocolate Cake

Judy was one of those ladies that was always involved but never noticed. If there was work to be done at church she was involved in doing it.  Prayers to be prayed, visits to be made, and cakes to cook; Judy was your lady.

Only a few times did anyone ever say anything about her work.  Most of the time it went unannounced and for the most part it seemed to be unnoticed.

In time Judy went to be with the Lord and she was not in her regular place, not doing all of the work, and not baking the cakes.

At the very first social a young nine year old child came running to his mother from the food line and asked her “Where is the big beautiful chocolate cake?”  It was then that everyone remembered; it was Judy who had made those wonderful cakes and now Judy was gone and so were her cakes.  Maybe the preacher did not notice, maybe even some of the ladies, but a teary eyed nine year old boy sure did notice that her work was not there.

Most good people never receive the good things that should be theirs in this world.  But be sure God noticed. He likes Big Chocolate Cakes.


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  1. Once again you put something in perspective! 🙂 It is for The Lord we work, not man! 🙂 beautiful!

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting

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