Will They Say – “The Nation That Was”

My dad was a young boy when the first car came to Dyersburg, in a couple of years he saw an Airplane land in a farm field just south of town, a few years later he would listen to the radio each night, getting the news about the weather, later our nation spent many hours around the radio listing to President Roosevelt tell us that we were going to be victorious, that we must not let fear bind us and control us. Some years later dad purchased his first TV and when I was a young man he watched men from America walk on the moon. From that first car in Dyersburg to men planting our flag on the Moon, dad saw so many changes, felt so many feelings, saw life change so much and found victory over so many battles. I was thinking yesterday as I drove back to Byrdstown from Nashville, what dad would think about our phone system of today, our computers, and our broken nation. Things have jumped forward in great leaps, but our nation, our nation is in trouble.

I think in most things he would be thrilled, but with his country, the land that he loved, I believe dad would weep, and be fearful once again.

It is time that you and I the average guy take a hard look at what it has cost us to be careless, to stop watching, to allow our values to fall, and our morals to fold. Without a change, not of our wealth, but of our hearts, we are going to face days that will make World War II, the depression, and all the rest of our history, pale before the dark horse that will ride into our midst. Only a return to God can save us now, nothing else has any real value.


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  1. Amen and Amen!!!! So so true!!!

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