The Case of The Ring Worm

I was telling mother, I was five or six, that Johnnie and I were going down to the crawdad hole the next day and see how many of the backward running creatures we could catch. Then we were going to give them to Mr. Evans so he could catch some great fish.

She interrupted my plans by telling me that I could not play with Johnnie for the next several days that he had a ring worm and I could not go to his house.

Now this made no sense to me, ring worm, I wanted to see it, was it made from fishing worms or grub worms, how did they get them to stay together and to wrap around his finger in order to make a ring.  Now I did not ask these questions I just ran through them in my mind, much like I still do, asking and answering my own questions. When I crawled into bed I had visions of a large ring made from grub worms, maybe they had been petrified or frozen, I didn’t know but this I had to see. I dreamed of beautiful rings made of all sorts of worms and woke up early wanted to see this magic ring and maybe get one for myself.

As usual it wasn’t long until mother: who was the general manager of our home, taking care of housekeeping, food service, laundry, shopping and a thousand other chores, was busy with her duties. I still remember that she had a Maytag clothes washer with a wringer, most of you do not know what I am talking about; I remember once when she got her hand caught in the wringer and it looked bad for about a week, fingers, not the wringer. Mother was not handy, there is where my crocked nail hammering comes from, but I drift a bit. So once she was busy I slipped over to Johnnie’s house to see the wonderful ‘Ring Worm’.  I must say my dreams did not come true, except the one about wanting one for myself before I saw his, I got that dream, and I really got it.  O to be a boy again.


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