A Personal Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, It’s me again, Ivan. But then You already knew that, in fact You knew I was going to type this prayer before I did. Certainly You knew it was me for You have promised that our Sheppard knows His sheep, even our names. But knowing that you already know I still feel compelled to bow before You and to embrace You as a boy might embrace his father. I love You and You know that part of me longs to see You; but You also know that part of me is afraid, not ready, not now.

I know that I have lived a long time, in fact past the promised years, but Father in this season of my life I thank You for these years, my life, and all of the blessings You have given to me I would really like for You to wait awhile. There are still dreams that I have not yet experienced, people I need to see again, family that I want to see grow older and hope still unmet that I would love to meet. I need to let Carole know that I love her more, I want my children to understand how precious they are and how blessed I am to be in their lives. Their children, how blessed they are to have their parents, I would like to be closer, see them more, say I love you more.

God I praise You for this life, for Your goodness, for the favor You have shown upon my life. I am blessed Father, this church, these people, my family, I am blessed; thank You. I am blessed to write each day and from time to time have someone say; ‘good one.’ God I have more than a man should expect and I praise and thank You for each day.

You have placed me in this wonderful place among these wonderful people, thank You.  Here in this small town I feel safe, known, and yes, even loved. If it is Your will, would You wait a bit? Let these feet still work, these legs still walk, these eyes still see, and this voice still talk. Thank You God, Thank You. But You know Father, that I am in Your hands and I really do like being in them.


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  1. Amen to this one today

  2. Oh Thank You Lord for this man who continually seeks You and leads his people well! As he led me and my family and so many others through the years! May his life continue to Bless and Love beyond measure as You continue to Love and Bless Ivan beyond measure!!! May Ivan’s prayer be each of our prayer as we life out our life journey! I this is my prayer and heart cry!

    • Thanks so very much for your kindness, Ivan

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