A Dusty Morning is Coming

I have had four funerals this month, I believe in some way they take a toll of me as well as others. It helps me to come out of that darkness to read again this brief story.

A Dusty Morning is Coming

The Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being.  Genesis 2:7

I visited my parents’ graves recently when I was in Jackson. It occurred to me that one of these getting up mornings there is going to be a great dust storm in that place and God is going to call out of the dust my wonderful parents. Mom and dad were not perfect people but they knew, worshiped, and trusted in a perfect savior. Mother had asked me just a few hours before she died, not even knowing that she was sick, if when we died we had to stay in the grave until Jesus came for us or if we went on to be with him in the moment of death. I remember that I was driving the car and she was in the front seat next to me, we were at the corner of College and South Royal Streets, when she asked me that question some 34 years ago. I told her that it was my belief, because of what Jesus had said to the believing thief who was dying with him on the cross, that our spirit would go immediately to be with the Lord and then someday He would come to receive our bodies. Mom discovered the truth for herself that very day in less than four hours.

In the same area where my parents are buried, my sister Alice is buried a space for husband Ed is also there, my brother-in-law Ralph is there beside my sister Peggy. Now that is going to be some dusty ground when the trump of God sounds and Jesus breaks the Eastern Sky. But not to worry just as their spirits are now with Him, He will return for their new resurrected bodied. Out of that dust He will call them and they will go to be with their Spirits to live in His glory forever.  Just wait for the dust.


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