The Case of The Rocked Cat

The Case of the Rocked Cat.- Just for Fun

My friend and I were standing on the square in Waynesboro, Tennessee, talking about the events of the previous night’s football game. Suddenly we heard the squalling tires of a car stopping too quickly and saw the young lady jumping from the car, leaving it running and abandoned in the middle of the street, screaming at the top of her voice, “My cats been rocked, my cats been rocked.” Since I don’t wish to share her name and since she was in great distress I will just call her Stressed. Stressed threw her arms around me and sobbing said “preacher my cats been rocked, my cats been rocked.” Not really understanding I tried to comfort her for a moment and asked her to slow down and tell me exactly what had happened. With great tears, a shaking body, and trembling voice she told me in great detail that she had been playing with the cat that I had given her while sitting in her mother’s favorite rocking chair and had accidentally rocked on the cat. Realizing that it was time for the Cat EMT’s I asked and discovered that the cat was in her car, still alive but with limited likelihood of making it through any more of her nine lives. I asked my friend to take her car home, by now traffic had come to a dead stop around the square and the world of Waynesboro had been placed on hold until the ‘preacher’ cleared the one road through town. I put Stressed and the cat, she had it wrapped in a towel, in my car and it was off to the next town and the cat doctor. The trip was filled with regrets, tears, sobs, and general ‘mourning at the bar’. With safe hast I made it to the doctor and to cut the story short, prissy, the cat, lived. Not without great cost, but she did live.

I am not sure what the cat doctor did for Prissy, but she was never just right after that event with the rocker.  She ran through any room that had a rocking chair, she walked a bit side ways, like a car out of line, and she hiked her hind leg when she did her business. But Stressed took good care of her and for years you could see the two of them around town, looking for a fire hydrant or just walking a bit side ways down the street.

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  1. I love it! What a good laugh I had this morning as I could imagine the young lady walking a crooked little mile with her crooked little cat!

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